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Bahandi Mandih



Mandih, a place of diverse cultures and traditions, full of historical events that are shrouded in mystery and famous historical names like Datu Tangkilan, the great leader of the Subanens. "Mandih", got its name from a community Subanen Leader Surname Mandih.

Currently, Mandih is one of Sindangan's largest and most populous barangays spearheaded by the active and supportive captain Honorable Cocoy Dagondong. With this video, we’d like you to enjoy the mountainous, cold rivers, and the picturesque sceneries of Barangay Mandih



"A community where development and opportunity coexist and foster a connection that transforms its citizens into self-reliant, self-sustaining, and health-care-oriented community."


" is to realign, reinforce, and rebuild a better and healthy community"



"To promote a rich community that values health and wellness. We believe that a Mandih working together to be the change, is actually bringing forth change."

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